Tree Man

Posted by admin on Oct 8, 2010

It was on 2007 when the story of Dede Koswara, an 37 years old Indonesian, appear on Discovery Channel and reveal of his rare disease. A wood pieces was growing on his body. That is why he called Tree Man. He was deserted by his wife, he lost his job and people treat him like a freak because of wooden parts that growth from his body.

Dede Koswara lives in his home town of Bandung on the Java islands in the country of Indonesia, where he is enduring treatment for his rare condition. When he was 15, Dede’s ordeal began and cut his knee in an accident. On his lower leg, a small wart developed and spreaded wildly. He had to give up work finally as a builder and fisherman, and scratch a living in a traveling freak show.

According to doctors he was infested by several Human Papilloma Virus. That Virus make him woody growths. He already follow for 3 times operations before since that time. And now after nine months of operations to remove the wood pieces from his body, Tree Man looks more like a human than wooden freak.

Hopefully the disease will getting better and we wish the Tree Man the best

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