7 Ways to Stop Worrying Lack of Money

Posted by admin on Oct 5, 2012

Can we meet our needs in the long period in a proper way? Can we send our children in a high quality education? What if our company suddenly has to downsizing employees and we are one of those who get fired? Is there still any money to be saved so that we can retire and still enjoying our life?

Those things are the real things, and it's hard not to think about. Because, having money means the same as feeling able to survive. If our financial is receding, we feel our survival is threatened. In fact, what we need to survive and what we believe we need to survive are two different things. It is our feeling of being threatened. Because of having enough money makes us feel valuable as human beings.

Thus, what should we do?

1. Stop thinking about things that have not happened
Try to understand your current situation, whether you can still handle everything? At least, you can still work with a pretty good salary. Have you heard that many people have no savings at all? Most of them never worried about money! Moreover, constantly worry about going lack of money will not solve the problem anyway.

2. Use your spare time available to search for additional income
Either by looking for a second job, or open a small business. Maybe it is not that simple to make it happen, but at least you have tried.

3. Confidence
One of the reasons why we are worried about our finances is because we are not confidence in our ability to have an income. Self-confidence comes from success, and success is because we take real action. Try to do something, without thinking the result too complicated. Learn from your failures and effort, and do not give up.

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4. Increase your competitiveness
When you realize that you are not considered by your boss to deal with important projects, or rarely received a raise, immediately identify the reason. Do you afraid to ask about a raise, or you do not have the ability to compete with others? Immediately increase your competence!

5. Change your lifestyle
Pay attention to how your current lifestyle. Are you preferred to eat in the restaurant? Are you easily tempted to buy clothes, shoes, magazine, CD, DVD, or buy the latest gadgets? Well, change all your bad habits. Try to saving money from little things. When saving becomes a habit, you have set aside part of your salary for savings without even realizing it.

6. Live healthy
With a healthy lifestyle early on, you are saving for old age. Sleep enough, drink lots of water, exercising regularly, and use your time off for a vacation completely.

7. Thankful for what you have
Be responsible with what you already have. That means you do not waste them all and use them in the best way.

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