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Posted by admin on Nov 3, 2010

The stock market is focused on the short term, and fluctuates wildly in response to a company's internal case, its quarter earnings, external economic developments, including the rumors. One of the many things people always want to know about the stock market is, "How do I can make money investing in the stock market?"

Stock market investing usually do by those with a surplus of money or income. Because as we know that investing in stock market needs quite lot of money. Investment costs are vary depending on the category of service requested. Determining the percentage of a commission may vary from one to another intermediary. Try to contact a brokerage house to find information about rates, how to open an account, etc. While the stock price of each companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, etc can be found on major newspaper which regularly published nationwide.

There are many different approaches to making money in the stock market. Two basic methods are classified as either fundamental or technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis refers to the companies by analyzing their financial statements, financial health, management and competitive advantage, competitors and markets, business performance and trends, and general economic conditions.

Technical analysis studies price actions in markets using charts and quantitative techniques to try to predict the future price trends of the company, regardless of the financial perspective. In its purest form, technical analysis considers only the behavior of market prices or instrument, based on the premise that prices reflect all relevant factors before an investor becomes aware of them through other channels .


* For the period:

Money Market

The money market made financial activity that encourages short-term credit. Its main institutions are the commercial banks.

Capital Market

The capital market is that financial activity that promotes the medium-term credit and especially long term. Its main institutions are the development banks, mortgage banks, housing agencies, especially the stock exchanges.

* The way of operation:

The characteristics of the system operation in stock market there are 3 types: Primary, Secondary and Repo.

* The primary market is related to the initial placement of securities. This time investors or buyers purchased directly from issuers, through a Stock Brokerage House.

* The secondary market operates between security holders, this is a "re-sale" prior to rescue financial resources, diversify your portfolio or seek better opportunities for profitability, risk and liquidity.

* The Repo market is one of the most common negotiations on stock exchange. You need money but do not want to get rid of those values, so the repurchase transferred, ie: the obligation to repurchase in the period agreed, which can range from 2 to 45 days. At the end of the agreed period, the investor receives the principal plus the agreed interest rate.
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* In today's operations, settlement or payment takes place the same day.
* The cash payment transactions carried out not later than three working days after the operation.
* In term operations within settlement is agreed between the buyer and seller, which can not exceed 45 calendar days.
* The optional operations are in force, but has never made use of them. Because in the optional operations of buying and selling, delivery of securities traded and settlement is carried out within a period agreed between them that shall not exceed 360 calendar days. But one or both will reserve the right to disregard the contract and not carry out the operation.

Investing in the stock market can be difficult. Some say that the stock market is unpredictable. Novice investors should always seek the help of tax advisers and stock forecaster before you invest your cash. Investing in the stock market requires patience, time, knowledge and experience.

Kindly always remember the basic principle in investing, that is " Buy what you know and Know what you buy " Always try to search for information first, and get recommendation of an expert or practitioners. This mean to keep our personal financial planning right on track of our financial purpose.

Happy investing :)

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