Saving money can buy expensive products

Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2011

Everyone would want to own a home or car. However, the price is probably unattainable. Anyone can own a car, dream house, and other expensive products. The important thing is you know how to get it, by planning it in earnest. The following tips are trying to give you solution of how you can buy expensive products by saving money.

Determine priorities and prices.

Each person realize on its own merits. Besides a careful planning, not every wants or needs can be met immediately. For high-priced goods, it is suggested that needs are grouped by priority and price.

* Priority
Determine priorities based on what is needed at a time is very important. Every family has to prioritize something based on its importance.

* Price
Sometimes we are confused which one to buy first, vehicle or home. If both are equally important, we can classify them based on price, starting the most expensive, moderate, and inexpensive. For example, expensive items such as home and cars, fairly moderate item such as electronic goods. While the inexpensive items are household appliances, or clothing, and other simple needs.

Determination based on the price is very necessary because usually the treatment would be different. Goods with cheap or mediocre price are generally not required a careful planning. It could even be bought directly as needed. While the needs of hundred-thousand dollars goods must take a careful planning, disciplined saving and time.

Financial Planning

When planning to purchase of expensive items, there are several ways you can do.

1. Saving regularly per month.
For example a fixed salary of $2,000 per month, set aside about 10-20 percent that is $200-$400. The advantage, the funds collected can be calculated, $2,400 - $4,800 a year. The problem is few people have a high commitment to save regularly by the same amount or even exceed.

2. Not routinely saving money each month, but only if getting a bonus from workplace. The advantage is the amount can be directly obtained large, but the funds collected requires a relatively long time.

3. Saving routinely per month plus bonuses, until the target could be achieved more quickly realized. This way is highly recommend especially when funds are needed quickly.

Demands a high commitment

The problem is, no matter how big your salary, it is not impossible that every month you would always run out, until there is no money left to save. To that end, there are two conditions to apply:

* Motivation and commitment
The success of someone getting his dream product is determined by how strong the motivation. But keep in mind, strong motivation may not work when not accompanied with high commitment. "If you decide to collect money $100 each month, then in the following months you remained committed to raise the money required for at least the same amount."

* Choose the right system
A good/bad saving system also contributed to the success of someone getting the dream goods earlier. For example, not all individuals feel comfortable to save every month by coming to the bank.

Well, you should choose other saving systems, such as by asking your company to cut your salary every month at a specific amount and then transferred directly into your bank deposit account. You can also save money in gold, mutual funds, as well as other types of investment. The bottom line is the good and suitable the savings system chosen is usually the greater the level of success.

Let's buy a new home!

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