Financial plan is important! Why?

Posted by admin on Oct 19, 2012

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Here is short article about financial planning.

Many financial planners suggest to every person or family to make a financial planning for life. But what is the reason? Well, here are three reasons why we should make a financial plan in our lives.

First reason is for yourself.
Everyone has a need to be met. For example, to shop, to live comfortably, take care of yourself, and others. Well, to fulfill all that needs, of course, we must have money. There have to be a financial planning.

Second, for the family.
We have relatives and family. Moreover, for those who are married and have children, of course, we have to provide funds for the education of children. When our children ask for toys, of course, we also have to have the money to buy the toys.

Third, for legacy.
In addition to yourself and family, we also need financial planning for our successors. Maybe later when we are not in a productive age, we need help from other people in our old age.

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