You've Got a Marketing Plan Down-Now What?

Posted by admin on Feb 5, 2013

Whether your marketing process was the easy or difficult part of your business plan thus far is no matter. Your plan has finally been created, and you are hopefully on a path to financial success. What are the next steps you need to take? Read on to find out.

To actually put your plans into play, you are likely going to need some funding for materials and supplies. Of course, if you are a well established business, this amount is probably already available in the budget. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, consider taking a little bit out of your personal savings account for start-up costs. Opting for a loan is another possibility, so you want to be sure you'll be able to pay it back.

While you were devising the marketing plans, you probably discussed a number of different possibilities for advertisements. At this point, you know the designs you want, and now is the time to put them into play. Bring them to the in-house designer. If such a person does not exist in your business, try to find some freelance workers, or consider bringing a designer on board the team. For individuals who are going into business for themselves, you may want to ask some family members or friends if anyone would be interested in joining in the endeavor.

Secure Your Platform
The most brilliant advertisement in the world will not attract a single customer if it spends all of its time bound up in a design studio. During the planning process, you probably decided where you would put your ads. For example, maybe you decided that a Facebook page would be your main form of communication with clients. While the advertisements are being worked on, start creating the Facebook page and adding pertinent details to it. If certain stores said you could put your ads in their business windows, call up to confirm and make arrangements to go down to the shop one day. You need to start getting the word out there as soon as possible.

It's unlikely that the exact same marketing plan is going to work for every one. Customers change, and the most popular ways of marketing shift as well. A few months down the road, evaluate how the plan is currently going. Are you drawing in more customers, or would a new platform be more suitable to the type of products and services you are offering? Make the necessary adjustments, but do not let this be the end. You should always be critiquing your work and looking for ways to make it better. By doing so, you are opening up the doors to more business.

Creating the marketing plan is, of course, the first necessary step. After that, you must start to put this plan into play and begin gauging how successful it is. Throughout the life of the product or service, you will often be figuring out what you can do to make it even better for the consumer.

Guest post from Roger Bladeson
Roger Bladeson writes about his background in business, marketing and education. His most recent work focuses on the top ranked hr masters programs.

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